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You have left your native country and are now looking for protection in Germany? Then you should apply for advice as quickly as possible, because the German law on asylum and the right of stay are very complicated. flucht•punkt gives advice to refugees on all questions concerning the legal proceedings for asylum and the right of stay.
We are an independent, nongovernmental advisory office for all refugees, irrespective of their legal status, their nationality or their religion.


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In order to give effective advice, please bring forward all documents which are connected with your application for asylum, with your right of stay and the reasons of your flight.
If possible, please bring along somebody who can translate your request.
All of your informations and documents which you hand over to us are treated strictly confidential.

Consulting Hour

flucht•punkt advises you on your right of stay. If you have social problems such as questions concerning the Law of support for asylum-applicants, accomodation etc., please apply at an office for social advice.

flucht•punkt gives advice to refugees who do not yet have a permanent residence status. If you have already a secured residence permit, but have questions concerning visa for visitors or concerning the reunion with relatives living outside the country, please ask a lawyer or another advisory office.


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